Exegetical paper ephesians 6 10 20

The word kosmokrator comes from two Greek words—kosmos world and krateo to hold. Furthermore, we can use the Exegetical paper ephesians 6 10 20 of God offensively to preempt Satan. Biblical teaching will often prove unpopular, because it is not in synch with the popular culture.

Context within the book Ephesians 6: Without truth the other essential characteristics of the armor cannot remain in place and be effective. Nevertheless, an ambassador is far from a simple lackey. All of the verses of the passage should be included in the main points of the outline.

He often succeeded in converting guards and fellow prisoners, and intends to convert Caesar. If you think that Paul has overstated the danger, you have closed your eyes to the overwhelming presence of evil in our midst—the violence and ruthlessness and greed that dominate so many lives—the self-destructive behaviors that hamstring so many people—the great divide that separates the very rich from the very poor.

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Roman soldiers carried their swords in a scabbard to keep it readily available. The metaphor of the armor of God utilized by Paul in this passage connotes a sense of a fully armed, well-trained warrior.

This can also be viewed in the way by which most Christians struggle with choices of doing what is right and wrong within them as the body is viewed as the Lord's temple and therefore is considered a holy place as well Modern Christians are likely to view heaven as a paradise where no evil dwells, the author of Ephesians draws from a different set of cultural assumptions whereby there is a struggle between cosmic forces which takes place in the heavenly realm.

Introduction Christians, as long as they live in this world, will always be at war with the dark forces of the god of this world, Satan.

Anthistemi means to stand against or to resist. Letters to the Galatians and Ephesians, Edinburgh: The community becomes active in the struggle against spiritual forces by taking up God's armor cf. A spiritual person pneumatikos could be a Christian 1 Corinthians 2: The outline is as follows: He requests prayers that God will give him the right things to say as he has opportunities to witness for the gospel.

Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. O'Brien writes while focusing upon Ephesians 6: Just as you exercise regularly to keep yourself physically healthy, establish also a program to keep yourself spiritually healthy.

Wrestling was a popular sport in Asia Minor modern-day Turkey where Ephesus was located, so Paul uses it here as a metaphor for the Christian struggle against Satanic powers. In other words, as used in the Bible, eirene Greek and shalom Hebrew are essentially synonymous.

We'll email to you the Microsoft Word file within 10 hours. The Greeks thought of righteousness as conforming to tradition or custom.

When the arrows hit, the pitch would spatter, setting fires. Then summarize the main idea of the passage in one sentence. Prayer is the capstone of the believer's armor. Salvation is God's gift as it also comes through the believer's faith 3: The spread of the gospel in obedience to the command of the Great Commission will do the most damage to the plans of Satan.

Exegetical Paper: Ephesians 6:10-20

He makes the temptation appear alluring and harmless, seeking to lead the believer into indulgence until he has gone too far to turn back. By the time we do that, the battle will have been decided—and we will be the losers.Exegetical Paper: Ephesians (1)The paper must follow current Turabian format.

(2) The paper must be 2,?4, words (Note: The title page, table of contents, and bibliography are not included as part of the total word count). Ephesians is an epistle from the Apostle Paul to the church of kaleiseminari.comans is an epistle which means it has a three part structure: 1.) Introduction, indicating the sender, the receiver of the letter, and a greeting, 2.) body, 3.) and a conclusion, which usually ends with a farewell prayer.

The pericope of Ephesians is a battle cry from the Apostle Paul written originally to addresses spiritual issues at the Church at Ephesus.

The principles inculcated within this passage of scripture are timeless and should be fully integrated into the life of the modern believer. View Essay - EXEGETICAL PAPER EPHESIANS 6 10 docx from OLD TESTAM OBST at Liberty University.

EXEGETICAL PAPER: EPHESIANS THEO LOU (Spring ) Systematic Theology I Liberty%(3). Mar 09,  · exegetical paper ephesians a paper submitted to dr. lucas in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course nbst hermeneutics liberty theological seminary by kelly todd lynchburg, virginia friday, march 9, 5/5(1).

Exegetical Paper: Ephesians Content (5?8 pages) This represents the body of the paper and the heart of the exegetical work. Let the main points of the outline function as subheadings. Include under each subheading a detailed explanation of the passage.

Explain what the text says and what it .

Exegetical paper ephesians 6 10 20
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